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Rosley - Holy Trinity Church

CHURCH SERVICES Holy Trinity in Rosley will be holding services at 9.30 on Sundays please check link for dates.

Holy Trinity Church - Priest-in-Charge: Rev. Eileen Reid, Caerdach, Brackenthwaite, Rosley, Wigton CA7 8AS - Tel: 016973 43089 email: ereid2002@yahoo.co.uk - Rosley is one of the six Warnell Parishes - Caldbeck, Castle Sowerby, Sebergham, Rosley, Welton and Westward.

The church was built in 1840 as a 'chapel of ease' under the parish of Westward. At this time there was no provision for burials which meant that all burials took place in the churchyard at Westward, the neighbouring community. In 1868 the new ecclesiastical parish of Rosley was formed: land was purchased from Miss Rook of the Height in 1889, to create a burial ground, and consecrated by the Bishop of Carlisle on 28th January 1889.

Holy Trinity Church Rosley

As part of the parish millennium celebrations a new window was commissioned and installed in the church. Alex Haynes was responsible for the design and the window was made by Albion Glass, Brampton. Mary and child, flanked by farm animals, sit at the foot of the window. The middle section shows the church, the school and the village hall. In the top section the Light literally and symbolically casts a glow on the sections beneath as it shines through the cross of Jesus Christ. The cross is growing from the Tree of Life linking heaven with the earth of this community. The whole window is adorned with flowers and local wildlife.

Holy Trinity Church Rosley

There are four other picture windows in the church. The east window, depicting Ascension, is dedicated to the memory of Mr D Jennings and his wife who were generous benefactors of the church at the end of the C19. The window on the right as the church is entered is dedicated to the memory of Edward Bewley, a member of the parish who died of dysentry during the first World War. The picture is that of a knight kneeling before Christ with his sword and shield on the ground. Other windows illustrate the Sermon on the Mount and Christ, the Good Shepherd.

Churchyard extension - land adjoining the existing churchyard to the north was donated to the Church by The Joyce Wilkinson Trust. It was consecrated in July 2016 by the Bishop of Penrith.

Remembered in Rosley is a publication compiled by members of the community in 2005 and updated in 2017. The book details all the inscriptions found on headstones in Rosley churchyard together with those of the people of Rosley who were buried in Westward cemetery before Holy Trinity was built. It is hoped that this information will be available on line soon.