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Public Meeting

It is hoped a public meeting with Rory Stewart MP will be during the Easter parliamentary recess, 6th –26th April, details in the next Link.  This meeting replaces the meeting which was cancelled in December 2010.


On-Going Planning Applications

Reathwaite - planning application 2/2010/0879

end of consultation 13/12/2010

14th December: Application number 2/2010/0879 was put before Allerdale's Planning Committee on the 14th December 2010.  There were a number of objections to the application: these included the considered opinions of three Parish Council but the officer had recommended approval of the application.  After discussion the the members voted to refuse the application.  Click here to read a brief summary of the meeting and its outcome.


REATHWAITE - Allerdale Council's Development Panel (planning committee) meets in Maryport on Tuesday 14th December to decide on the application.

Rosley - planning application 2/2010/0081

. ROSLEY - 3rd December - The appeal ref the anemometer has been upheld

The company has also made an application to discover whether they need to do an environmental impact to accompany their application: this is known as a scoping opinion request: it can be found on the Allerdale planning site by clicking on the accompanying link: sco/2010/0005

The Council have made a decision on this and have concluded that an Environmental Impact Survey is necesary.  You can examine this decision (unsigned) on the Allerdale site by following this link:

Scoping Opinion Decision


1st December Unfortunately the Meeting is Cancelled due to bad weather and road conditions. the date of a rearranged meeting will be posted on the website




Rosley Hall Thursday 2nd December 7.30pm

contacts Len Williams 016973 42578  Colin Robinson 016973 43342

for residents of Rosley, Westward, Curthwaite, Thursby, Welton, Sebergham and surrounding areas. Wind Turbines are coming to your backyard, what are you going to do about them?



27th November

Reathwaite anemometer mast and potential wind farms

 Planning application for a 70 m anemometer mast at Reathwaite

(Application reference 2/2010/0879, National Grid Ref: NY 310 436).

The proposed mast would be in a very prominent position, about 1 km north of Brocklebank.  Westward Parish Council, at their meeting on 22nd November 2010 resolved to recommend refusal of planning consent and there is still time for individuals to submit their views on the application to the planning authority, Allerdale Borough Council.  The public consultation period has recently been extended to 13th December 2010. 

Details of the application[1] and copies of the representations received to date can be seen on the Allerdale Borough Council website under ‘application search’ and the above reference.  Objections can be submitted by post to the Planning Manager, Allerdale Borough Council, Allerdale House, Workington, CA14 3YJ, by e-mail to  or via the website.  

Individually written letters carry more weight than signatures on a petition or standard letters copied and signed by a number of people.  The planning officer will refer in his/her report to the number of individual objections received and it is hoped the number will be sufficient to demonstrate the strength of public opposition to the application. 

Discussion of wind farms at the Parish Council meeting

There was a short public discussion of the current situation regarding anemometer masts and possible future applications for wind farms in the local area.

It was noted that:-

1.         The application for the mast at Reathwaite states that it “relates to the possible future development of a wind farm comprising a maximum of nine wind turbines”.

2.         Allerdale Council had been asked to indicate the scope of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that would be required to accompany any future planning application for “up to three wind turbines” at Rosley.  Since the meeting, details of this application and the Council’s reply dated 18th November 2010 have become available on the Allerdale website – application reference:  sco/2010/0005.

During the discussion it became clear that there is widespread concern regarding these possible developments in particular, but also in respect of the cumulative impact of the number of wind farms either existing or being applied for in Cumbria.  A map prepared by the Friends of Eden, Lakeland & Lunesdale Scenery (FELLS) showing 75 such wind farm sites was displayed.  This strikingly demonstrated the concentration of wind farm sites in the 45% of Cumbria that is not designated as National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

A large majority of the people attending the parish council meeting were of the opinion that a Wind farm Action Group should be set up.  The parish council supported this proposal and they would contact neighbouring parish councils.  

Meeting Thursday 2nd December 2010. 

A meeting is to be held in Rosley village hall at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday 2nd December 2010[2] to discuss in more detail the proposal to set up a Wind farm Action Group. There is a large amount of advice available from existing national and local groups, but it is envisaged that the first step in establishing a group to oppose industrial-scale wind farms in this area will be to bring together the people who are willing to help in any way.     

If you would be able to help, could you please leave your contact details if you attend the meeting on 2nd December, or phone Colin Robinson 016973 43342 or Clive Marshall 01228 710679.

[1] Details of the application are given in the applicant’s ‘Planning application booklet’ which is the first of the downloadable documents listed for application 2/2010/0879.

[2] Please note: The date quoted in the Cumberland News “Friday 3 December” is incorrect.  The correct date is as above, Thursday 2 December.



3rd November


Ref 2/2010/0879

for a temporary wind monitoring mast (height 70.3m) at Reathwaite Farm, Brocklebank for a period of 3years. Quote from planning application " to assess suitability of site for a

WIND FARM CLUSTER......."     3.1 "Although a temporary structure the development proposal relates to the possible future development of a wind farm comprising a maximum of 9 turbines"

End date for consultation   now 13/12/2010

13th August

The Applicant has appealed against the decision for both masts. The appeals will be considered by the Planning Inspectorate and they state that the Council will send them copies of all objections previously received. "These will be fully considered by the Inspector who will decide the appeal" but "If you did not write at the application stage, or you did write and now have something new to say, you can send us your comments" Comments can be sent by e-mail to or by post (3 copies) to Sheila Parkin, The Planning Inspectorate, 3/18a Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN to be received by 13th September 2010 

13th July

At the meeting of Allerdale Council’s Development Panel on 13 July the members voted unanimously to refuse planning permission for both the existing, unauthorised, 10 metre mast and the proposed 60 metre mast.  The application for a wind turbine at Chalkside Farm, intended mainly to supply the needs of the farm, was deferred pending an Environmental Assessment.

22nd May - 10m Mast

Despite the decision by the Panel to authorise enforcement proceedings, the necessary notice had not been served by the time of the 11th May meeting. A fresh application for retrospective approval of this mast has been received by the Council, planning application 2/2010/0377. The public consultation period ends on 26th May

11th May - Planning Decision - Deferral

A dry and beautifully clear morning for the site inspection. Seven members of the public spoke at the meeting about a wide variety of issues and, by a majority vote, the application was again deferred to allow more information to be provided.

28th April

The application will be considered by the Development Panel at a meeting to be held on 11th May at The Wave, Maryport at 1pm. A site meeting is to take place in the morning of the 11th. The officers report for this meeting can be found on the Allerdale site/council & democracy/ agendas & minutes/11th May/Development Panel 1pm/ application ref no.

24th April

A further amendment submitted - mast location plan and supporting guy lines. Closing date for comments 10th May

23rd April

The applicant has now submitted a revised plan (Figure 2, Revision2) showing the latest proposed position of the 60m mast. Closing date for comments 5th May

13th April 2010 - Planning Decision - Deferral

At the meeting on the 13th April 2010, the Allerdale Council’s Development Panel (Planning Committee) considered the planning application for a 60 metre high anemometer mast at Green Quarries Lane, Rosley.  Allerdale Council had received over 200 objections and only one letter of support.  The sender of that letter gave a Rosley post code but is not known in the area.

Eight members of the public spoke against the proposal, pointing out deficiencies in the application.  No member of the public spoke in favour of the application.

By a large majority, the members of the Panel voted to defer consideration of the application in order to arrange a site meeting and to obtain more information.

30th March 2010 - Amended application sent out:-

Proposal: proposed erection of a 60m anemometer mast for a temporary period of up to 2years.

Amendment: withdrawn 10m mast - details of 60m mast

check Allerdale Borough Council - Planning Applications below for further details

The application will be considered at a meeting of the Development Panel which will be held in the Wave, Irish Street, Maryport at 1.00pm scheduled for the 13/04/2010

February 2010

Swayed by the mood of the attendees at the public meeting, held on 15th February 2010, the Parish Council determined that they would write to Allerdale Borough Council objecting to the application to install a 60 metre (196' 10") anemometer in Rosley.
Villagers in Rosley were alarmed about the proposal by Carwath Farm Wind Energy Ltd to erect a 60 metre anemometer following the illegal installation of a 10 metre anemometer mast.  Villagers expressed their shock and horror at the likelihood of a subsequent development of a wind farm of unknown proportions.  Several people expressed their support for green energy, but in a viable and considered context - e.g offshore windfarms.
The potential industrialisation of a beautiful rural community is causing a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty.
Formal objections to the proposed anemometer (ref no 2/2010/0081) need to be registered with Allerdale Borough Council by 24th February 2010.  If you do not wish our treasured, tranquil, rural area to be spoilt then please put your objections to Allerdale Borough Council either by clicking on the link or by writing to the address below.  The link will take you to the planning application, where you can also view the full application by clicking on any of the items named below the heading "images/documents"  : by clicking on the Comment on Application  button you can submit your views.

Allerdale Borough Council - Planning Applications 

or write

Planning Manager, Allerdale House, Workington, CA14 3YJ.

Remember to quote the reference number 2/2010/0081 and make it clear that you wish to object.


If you wish to object to the scheme then please state this explicitly in your communication: similarly if you support the application then say so.

What is an Anemometer?

An anemometer is also known as a wind speed indicator.  Anemometers are designed to measure the speed of the wind over a period of time, and in the case of one as tall as 60 metres, over a variety of heights.

An application to erect an anemometer is a little like applying for outline planning permission for a dwelling: it ought to be necessary to establish whether or not the principle of having a windfarm is right before granting permission to erect an anemometer as if the principle is rejected, as was the mood of the meeting held on the 15th, then the anemometer becomes redundant and there is no reason to erect it.

This page has been developed to disseminate the latest information and comments about the threat of a windfarm in Rosley.  If you wish to make contributions then click on the following  link and we will add your comment as soon as possible. Please indicate if you want your comment to be anonymous: all comments will normally be attributed but email addresses, and other personal information, will not be made public.


Of interest – another planning application, at  present on hold, but also within Westward Parish           Allerdale Borough Council - Planning Applications


  Winners and Losers –  should compensation be paid?

The only motivation for a landowner to consider a Windfarm Development is financial gain. However if such a development goes ahead there are those who suffer considerable financial loss as the value of their property plummets. When a development is considered it should surely be part of the planning process that those who gain should have to compensate those who lose out as a direct result of their actions. If this was the case I think landowners would no longer be interested as the loss would far exceed the gain and they would be left with a big bill to pay. This does taking into account the loss of quality of life which would results from such a development and which should also be compensated for. Marion Grave

Tory Ann Winterton (Congleton) said: "Recent polls show that the British public has had a dramatic change of mind about whether climate change is man-made.

"Will the Government change its mind about the huge subsidies to land-based windfarms, which are not only ineffective but also despoil the countryside."

This is an extract from a parliamentary debate about the failure of the IPCC to document climate change accurately.  It's very possible that it reflects the views of the Tory party which may form the next administration.  If subsidies are withdrawn from windfarms they will be completely uneconomic and many farmers will be left with valuable pastureland which has been totally spoiled by concrete bases with no-one prepared to pay for their removal.

One farmer is already advertising his turbine in the Farmer's Guardian


This page has been developed to disseminate the latest information and comments about the threat of a Windfarm in Rosley.  If you wish to make contributions then click on the following  link and we will add your comment as soon as possible. Please indicate if you want your comment to be anonymous: all comments will normally be attributed but email addresses, and other personal information, will not be made public.