The Village Hall


In 1923 a group of Rosley ex-service men formed a committee in order to raise money for a village hall.

Mr John Fell, of The Height Farm, gave the land on which the Hall could be built and enquiries were made about army huts for sale at Longtown, a market town on the far side of Carlisle.  Having acquired one of the huts the committee erected it themselves and put a wooden floor in.  On January 29th 1926 The Rosley Recreation Hall was opened with a Sale of Work and a dance which was a great success and raised ?162-1s-9d (?162.08). 


At the time the supper room had a coal fire for boiling kettles, the kitchen had a water boiler, as there was only a cold tap in the sink, and a wooden table for preparing food.

Toilets consisted of a bucket in the cloakroom for the ladies, the men went outside. Over the years the hall was very well used but by the 1960?s the walls were sagging outwards and three iron bars were inserted for support.

In 1985 it became obvious that the Hall was desperately in need of repair, renovation or rebuilding and fund raising began with a series of activities organised by the Village Hall Committee and supported by the community.  Work to erect a completely new hall started in the spring of 1986; the new building was built around the old hall, then the old walls were pulled down.  It was finally completed in 1988 and the Rt. Hon. Viscount Whitelaw officially opened the New Hall on 6th October. By 1996 the Hall was so well used it was apparent that another meeting room was needed as well as more storage space. The Millennium Room extension was officially opened on 17th September 1999. Since then the facilities of the Hall have continually been improved and upgraded. We have one of the best Village Halls in Cumbria and are very proud of it.

The Hall is in regular use, as can be seen from the table of events opposite. Not included in the table but a major draw for the Hall are the regular concerts featuring Irish artists and bands, for dates see the Rosley Link. Enquiries about Irish Concerts to J Simpson 016973 44909

It is also available for private hire. 

For all enquires please contact the bookings secretary, Debbie Williams 016973 44255


Time and Day


Art Class

Monday  1.30-3.30

Mrs D Smith 016973 42546

Bowls Club


Tuesday from 8pm

Mr J Simpson 016973 44909

Book Group


Friday 1.30- 3.30

Mrs M Robinson 016973 43723

Friends - Young Women's Group


1st Tuesday 7.30

Lindsey Watts 016973 49469

Lunch Club

3rd Wednesday 12noon

Mrs D Smith 016973 42546

Rosley Playgroup

    Friday 9.00-11.30

Share Club  3rd Wednesday     each month 7.30 Mrs D Shaw 016973 42450
Craft Club Every Thursday 1.30 Mrs P Elliott 016973 43181

Tai Chi /LifeDances

Monday 7.15

Mr N Catterson 016973 76497

Women's Institute

2nd Wednesday 7.30

Jean Harper-Tarr 01228 712810


The layout includes:-

Main Room + Bar suitable for large functions

An adjoining small room is suitable for meetings, it has removable shutters enabling it to be combined with the main room.                                  

The Millennium Room + Bar can be used for meetings or smaller functions.

The Kitchen is suitable for the preparation or warming of food.

The Hall has disabled access, a car park and an adjoining field suitable for outdoor events.                     


Main Room laid out for a wedding